Description of Articles Relating to Church Elders



  • Adding New Elders – principles can guide us where specific instructions are not given
  • Elders’ Work –  overview of a four part series on the responsibilities of assembly elders
  • Feeding the Flock – some of the many aspects of providing spiritual food for believers
  • Leading the Flock – vision for the future includes both active and passive goal work
  • Overseeing the church – skills for caring for relationship harmony within the church
  • Protecting the church – wolves and false teachers from outside can threaten a growing work


  • Shepherding Teens –  suggests a good place to begin reaching out to teens in the assembly
  • Elders and Spiritual Gifts
    • Part I – understanding the spiritual gifts of the elders of the church
    • Part II – how the elders gifts compliment one another to form a team
    • Part III – involving the saints in assisting the leadership
    • Part IV – good stewardship of the spiritual gifts of the people in the fellowship
  • Prayer and Ministry of the Word – encouragement for elders to develop right priorities in their meetings


  • Priorities in the Church –  principles for church meetings based on Acts 2:42
  • Discipline in the Church
    • Part I  –  guidelines for understanding and practicing Biblical church discipline
    • Part II  –  understanding some deeper issues that may be present in discipline situations
  •  Small Group Ministry
    • Part I  –  concise description of, and Biblical support for the idea of small groups meeting in homes
    • Part II  –  a study of group goals, and the environment in which they can best be achieved
    • Part III  –  a simple, workable plan for beginning small group meetings in the home









  • Resolving Disagreements – Agreements to make before problems arise, and actions to take once disagreement is encountered
  • Men of Vision   (Part 1)  –  The nature and importance of spiritual vision in the Lord’s work illustrated from the life of David in II Sam. 7; with spiritual lessons
  • Men of Vision   (Part 2)  –  cont’d
  • Equipping the Saints  –  Five practical suggestions for elders based on the important passage in Eph. 4:12
  • The Perfect Church  –  Taking a hard look coupled with an honest evaluation of the assembly along with practical suggestions to encourage commitment rather than drifting
  • The Simple Elders Meeting  –  Meetings for church leaders need not be lengthy or draining.  Offers some suggestions for balancing the 3 major demands on elders’ time.


  • New Life for the Assembly  –  Helping to remove the  “grave clothes” of new believers by cultivating a spiritual nursery within the assembly.  Application based on the raising of Lazarus in John 11.
  • Hospitality; A Great Subject  –  Importance; Biblical examples; How elders can practice and perfect this valuable work which is listed in the qualifcations in I Tim. 3.
  • The Crown of Glory  –  Based on notes from I Peter 5;  Considering some of the things that bring present blessing and future reward to church elders.
  • Elders and the Prayer Life of the Church  (Part 1)  –  The church prayer meeting begins with the practice of  private prayer in the homes.  Practical suggestions for elders wishing to stimulate the assembly prayer meeting, along with some of the resulting benefits.
  • Elders and the Prayer Life of the Church  (Part 2)  –  cont’d    Tips for mentoring and checking the environment of the church for prayer.
  • Are Unbelievers Welcome?  –  The mission of the church is to “Go”into the world with good news, but what about when lost people come into the assembly?  Article explains how the assembly can be a healthy setting where welcomed visitors look in on the functions of a spiritual family.




  • [ No Article in January ]
  • Reviving a Weak Visitation Program –  Provides some practical guidelines to help elders restart or improve a visitation program that is not getting the job done.
  • The Critical Teenage Years  –  Elders can make important decisions that will impact the spiritual growth and maturity of this age group by facing some important facts and then making wise  decisions.
  • Training a New Generation of Elders  –  The testimony of one assembly elder about how God used some strategic leadership decisions and materials to equip young men in the assembly
  • Elders as Worshippers  –  Taking a look at the important place of spiritual worship in the life of assembly leadership, including the practical side, can result in rich blessing for the work,
  • Acts Study (1),  The Primitive Church  –  Begins a series to trace the development and significant lessons about leadership; specifically elders in the Book of Acts

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