Introduction to the New Testament Church Series

It was my privilege to present this series of lectures several times in the 1970’s and 80’s to new churches that were being formed in central Connecticut, USA.  At the time, the lectures were taped on average quality cassettes since the only intended use was to make them available to any who might miss a class.  Since that time copies of those tapes have been sent throughout the USA and to many foreign countries in response to requests that have been received.  This has been a continual reminder over the years of the grace of God in using weak things for His purposes.

In the late 1980’s someone from a distant place took a set of this series home and painstakingly transcribed most of the messages placing them on their own website on the internet.  I knew nothing of this.  One night I received a call asking that I begin to answer some of the questions that were coming in and in time, this led to the opening of a small website just to park this series and free up space for the one who had transcribed the messages.

In 1998, I was able to secure the domain name “,” and began to add a few articles of interest regarding the church as described in the Scriptures.  It seemed appropriate not only to include the transcribed notes from what has come to be referred to as the New Testament Church Series, but also to offer some words of explanation about the present format.

  1. The original series contains 19 lectures and will hopefully be available one day in its entirety on this site.
  2. Homespun illustrations and examples were freely used, some of which I would change or discard today.
  3. My views on the church as expressed in these lectures are substantially the same as when given.  When time permits, it is my  intention to append a short article explaining those areas in which my views have been modified sufficiently to require an explanation.
  4. The material contained herein may be used as needed by anyone who is involved in serving the Lord and His people.

May the Lord receive all credit for anything of value…………….

Jack Spender
Bethany, CT
September, 2002

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