Ages ago, God was pleased to dwell in buildings that people constructed.  Much is written about these buildings in the Old Testament Scriptures.  But in the present age, God has revealed that “things” are going to be burned up; Every thing!  So God now dwells in people and among His people.  For this reason, we cannot speak of “holy places” and “sanctuaries” today – although some people still do, but we can appreciate that even places and things may be set aside or consecrated for the Lord’s purposes.  Really, there is no limit to the number of neutral things and places that can be devoted to the Lord.

This is a good site to feature a small sampling of the sort of places where one will find believers who understand the New Testament church and who value the fellowship of others who do too.  They might be local church places of gathering, or camps or conference centers or mission works or countless other locations, but they all in their own way embrace the principle of the New Testament church, and resist the pull of this world’s “church” with all its politics, greed and grasping for notoriety.





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