I have doubts that the Bible is the Word of God

Two questions are worth considering:


Can God communicate with His creation?
If so, how might that communication come?
The idea of a God who can create out of nothing but who cannot communicate, is unworthy of the serious mind.

Many of the questions and criticisms that surround the Bible as being the Word of God take the rather shallow view that if God wanted to author a book, He must do so personally, without human instrument or help.
This view is shallow because it fails to recognize that it is one of God’s express goals to enter a partnership or fellowship with His people.


Paul the apostle said “We are laborers together with God…” I Corinthians 3:9
That God could have written and sent a book apart from any human involvement
is granted.  But why not allow his servants and friends to share in the project?


Further, the view is shallow for another reason.
It overlooks the fact that an insecure person jealously guards his handiwork, and is angry if another is credited for his labors.
God not only allows men to share in His communications, but He allows them to record the message in their own words and style, from the background guiding them in choice of words, and safeguarding them from error, rejoicing in the joy they find in serving the Lord, unmoved by the risk of criticism that “these are only the writings of men.”

The finished product is a true cooperative effort!
Of course to use man merely as a scribe or typewriter would lessen the charge of “human error.”
But then again, would it really?


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