What is this site about?

It’s a resource for students of the Bible, for Christian workers, and for all who love the Lord Jesus Christ and would like to help new churches begin, or who are trying to help or encourage existing churches, but it is especially dedicated to those who are seeking to come closer to what they are discovering in the Bible.

Why is such material needed?

One often meets people who want to know God but who have no use for “the church.” How often we meet Christian ministers who in private express concerns about the marked differences between what the Bible says regarding the church, and what they are participating in locally. How misunderstood is the church!

Paul the apostle made it his two-fold life calling to share the good news of salvation through Christ to those unsaved, and to help all believers understand God’s thoughts about the church, Eph 3:8,9. This work is never done. We have an adversary who continues to deceive the minds of people on both subjects. God’s way of salvation is perverted to include good works and financial greed; God’s bride the church is recreated in man’s image into a staggering array of organizations with trained professionals functioning on behalf of the “laity.” This is not the Christianity presented in the Bible, and God calls all believers to freedom by knowing the truth (John 8:32). Our hope is to proclaim these truths in a gracious manner.